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The future of Employee Retention: designed by HR professionals, with HR professionals in mind. Our solution goes beyond tracking employee turnover trends - we provide powerful tools and insights to influence work force behavior, and reduce turnover from day one.

Employee Rounding

Ensures Supervisors are properly rounding on staff

Supervisor Follow-Up tools

ID’s Improvement Opportunities

Employee Recognition

Staff Service Awards

Pier Recognition Based

Employee Reviews

Supervisor reminder Alerts

Custom questions

Employee performance Life Cycle based

Exit Interviews

Anonymous Interviews

Predictive Analytics

How it works

RetentionAL is a human resources application, augmented with artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide end to end employee requisition, retention, on the job training and satisfaction, and termination/retire/attrition.

RetentionAL predicts likely hood of tenure at a company, at the hiring phase, and from then on. Thus, management can focus on employees that are likely to leave in the near future. Also, with the employee at the company, we provide training, performance evaluation (both from the company/management side and the employee side) and others.

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